Dream Collages..

Ive been wanting to experiment with some collages. Just wanted to get the right images together and finally I did it!…

Natures Way..

Getting Back To Serenity…

Amongst Woman…

Night Guardians…

Flora Desire..

Keep On Trucking…


2 thoughts on “Dream Collages..

  1. Thanks, Mike! It’s funny but it took me awhile to do each collage. I wanted to give some type of rhyme to the composition and not just throw theme into the collage.In some I had to take images away, but over all I liked the effect! Theirs an artist that I love he’s work and he uses paper into he’s collages and that is something I’ve been wanting to do, but I have no idea how he uses the paper. The collages look like handmade and they are huge pieces of work. I like to add some other media to theme. I’m trying to find out what type of glue he uses for the work, cause that’s very important and what type of back ground as well. I asked him, but he never responded! lol lol.. Guess I will have to search for my answer.

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