In Silence I Walk…




There are just times when images need no words to be described. “In Silence I Walk” is just the perfect description of what I mean. In the journey of these images, I find myself in total silence. Is just the subject and I. One on one connecting on every level. The silence is communicated with my eyes and through the lens. Suddenly I feel the appreciation, that needs no words.


10 thoughts on “In Silence I Walk…

    1. Well, thank you so much for as usual visiting my post and for the wonderful words you write. Is just amazing what some simple words can do to you, it just makes my day and It definitely tells me, this is what I need to do, put a smile on someone’s face! Thank you…

  1. your images are wonderful. i can tell you love what you do. i love your style, never let anyone tell you what to do, you have that already figured out. thank you for following my blog.. best regards.. dianne 🙂

    1. Hello, Dianne. Thank you so much for those words! Yes I love what I do! I’m always with my camera where ever I go. Is like a married couple, nature and I.!!! I love your style of work as well. It ignites inspiration… Thank you… Laz

    1. Thanks, Lance…I just love what I do. I honestly do. Photography to me has been a wonderful healer t my soul and my mind. I’m always with my camera capturing images that for some may just be nothing special and for others may be the world! Thank you once again for stopping by!..Laz

    1. Thanks Gina! I agree. The place is just beautiful and very peaceful. Now that I live farther away its harder for me to visit but I did spend a lot of times their and my dogs just LOVE IT!!!!! Love your blog and site!

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