A Creative Process….

Lately I have been reading post that are positive to my Soul. I think that as an artist , I need to surround myself more with artist minded people which tend to understand the things you are going through as an artist.  I also have my magazines that are my ” PEP” me up mags. Artful blogging, Somerset Life, Victoria, Where Woman Create, Cottages and Bungalows, Belle Armoire(The Artistry of Clothing & Accessories), Somerset Studio, Boho and another magazine that is all about thrift store finds! All these magazines play such an important part for me. As a photographer and artist, some of the images are just amazing! They inspire me to keep doing what I’m doing. They also help me out when I have doubts of things I should be creating or paths I should be walking. I see in each person a little of me. They go through the same motions some of us go through. They also inspire to on how to learn new mix medias and to also re-invent theme as well with my own techniques. Is amazing the support we all have from the internet with people we don’t even know, we may never know, or we may be lucky enough to meet theme some day! I never knew of the blogging community until 5 years ago, when I read about it on a magazine. Even at that time, it didn’t call my attention but know I understand how important it is to be connected to same minded people.  I’ve also been part of the ”  The Abundant Artist site” which Cory has been so awesome to give us all sorts of advice with building websites, marketing your art work, connecting with other artist and etc. I also came aware today of “WorldDominationSummit” in Portland, Org. If you have a chance look into this. Tickets are sold out but the whole concept is just amazing and wonderful. Is a 3 day retreat were artist all get together and just do seminars, group talks, yoga, I mean there is so much to do and you get to meet some amazing people as well. I’m on their waiting list for 2013 and hope I can attend! Overall, I think that slowly, I’m getting back to myself. I need more creative fuel that= meeting more creative individuals!. I do tend to be a ” solitaire” many times. It can be great for many things but a downfall for other stuff as well. I need to learn and balance both! I have been thinking so much on a quote that the book I’m reading said: ” You need to listen to what your heart tells you. When you don’t listen to your call, you feel an emptiness inside your soul.” This is so TRUE! I have felt that many time, when I try to control my path. I’ve learned that you can’t control or re-direct what is meant to be. You need to listen and trust on that feeling. I have let others in some way or another control my creative life. I look back and realize that all they did was ” delay” my process! I tell people this: Never let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn’t do in your life as an artist. Follow your DREAMS and walk your own PATHS. Believe in yourself and trust in what you do. No one needs to understand your media of art but only you! And always remember that their is someone out their that will love what you CREATE!!!….





4 thoughts on “A Creative Process….

  1. Very nicely written! I enjoyed reading this because I felt that it really made sense to me especially the part about other people influencing but ultimately delay the process. Thanks for the inspiring read!!

    1. Welcome Peter,Yeah I believe that when you surround with like minded artist you tend to gravitate more towards a creative mood! Like I wrote I do tend to be more of a loner!(lol lol) yet I LOVE IT, but I also understand that I need to be out their as well….

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