Not Sure…

Today is one of those days, I guess we all have those. Started out pretty good and towards the end I just felt drained. Had no sale’s today at my store. Is sometimes scary when this happens cause you start thinking about, Bills, Bills, and did I say Bills!. Yet for some reason, it all comes together at the end. In that mean time your  brain is just clicking and ticking on those negative thoughts. These past few days I have been so CREATIVE and working on these mix media pieces of art called ” Milagro’s” meaning ” Miracle’s”.  They suppose to look very old and vintage. Something your great, great grandmother would have stored in an attic or chest.  These Milagro’s are  done with religious finds like crosses, images of saint’s, rosaries, vintage jewelry, found objects, and etc. They are so great to hang on the wall. Well, I started 4 of those, finished 3 and I’m sort of stuck with the 4th one since I have that none creative injected adrenaline in my blood. Then my other thing is my blogs. Not sure what I may be doing wrong, but I haven’t had anyone post anything on theme. So if anyone out there has any suggestions, please would love to hear theme. Until then, I will go and read my book and then write on my journal. Tomorrow is a new day with new hopes! Night….


. This images reflects just How I’m feeling. Creatively Frozen and Tangled….

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