“Get Back To Zenerity”

Yesterday, I decided not to open the shop and take a day off for me. It’s been awhile since I have done any site seeing with my camera, so decided to make a date with my camera!. Yes, a date. I actually also do artist date’s with myself. I look for a day in the week and set up an artist date. I usually do a book store, bring my journal and pick out books on art or photography, or I might go to a museum, take a walk around downtown, etc. This time it was with my camera. Since Winter is slowly going away, the day was just beautiful so decided to head towards 395 and visit: Topaz Lake, Walker River and the Wild Life Refuge.  The drive is just beautiful and I needed to connect with nature. My 1st stop was Wild Life Refuge and let my dog out for a walk, he was in heaven just like he’s dad a Nature Lover! Then past Topaz Lake since I wanted to visit Walker Lake and then coming back stop by Topaz Lake. Since they haven’t gotten that much snow, the river was very low and that is a good thing  for me cause I can just walk by the rocks and truly capture the images I want. As I was walking, I can hear that water running  so smooth that I felt in a trance. I lost track of time, day, hours, my troubles, worries etc. It was my dog the camera and me. Suddenly I thought to myself, to just photograph my surroundings as they are! I wasn’t looking for beauty or any specific scenery. I wanted the rawness of nature, just as when we wake up in the morning. As I started clicking, once again I came back to the losing myself  feeling with my camera. I photographed roots, rocks, trees, flowers, and everything around me. I was so connected to all this that I didn’t want to leave. All I wanted was to camp over-nite and sit quiet listening to that river talk to me. I walked for a very long time, just taking my pictures, feeling this spiritual connection with Nature, God and Myself. As I got back to my Jeep I headed towards Topaz Lake and walked along the lake shore with the camera being at the right time at the right place. These images were the result of my date trip. Hope you enjoy theme as much as I did taking theme. Would love to get some feed back if possible and remember we all from time to time need to ” Get Back To Zenerity”!


Walker River:







Topaz Lake:




A memorial site for 3 Fire fighters that lost their lives while helping their community:


Thank you for coming along this beautiful journey!!!!..





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