Another Day To Feel Blessed…

Well opened up my store a bit late today. The day was super slow, yet there were a lot of people walking by, but towards the end, things just changed!.  Brought with me all these art materials to start designing my new mothers day cards and Spring cards as well. It’s great to be your own boss! I love being in the store  doing my art work and just meeting wonderful people from all over the world. My store is quite the opposite of what they have around that area but I wanted  something different. It’s very touristy  were my store is but I don’t carry things like that. The only thing I have for tourist is my photography from the town , the wild horses that roam around my house and the cards that I make. Other than that, I’m all unique. It’s been real slow since it’s not the tourist season yet, but thank God the weather has been good. I opened my store last October and people were me that  telling prior to last year how horrible the weather was, to the point that people wouldn’t want to drive up to town.  By the way, I live in Reno, NV but my shop is located in this awesome cool town called ” Virginia City” and It’s up in the mountains, plus I live 5 minutes from my store in the “Highlands” also in the mountains. I’m definitely a nature lover and it’s just Beautiful were I live. Virginia City was once the richest city in the world in the 1800’s. It was a mining town for gold. If you can, look it up and read on the history of this place, is just amazing. As a matter of fact there are still buildings from that era in this town that are still up,  just like my store! My landlords, her husband inherited that building and this house they call ” The Mansion”. It’s right on the street they called “Millionaire road” this is where the rich people lived. The house is just breathtaking and from what they have told me, it still has all the original furniture from that time! He even has he’s great, great grandmother’s fur coats, jewelry, dresses and a lamp made in Czechoslovakia that only 2 were made in the world, he owns one of the lamps. It’s just amazing the history this place has. They use to do tour’s of the hose but they stopped doing theme. Oh, and Virginia City is one of the top places in the country for being hunted! I’m right next to the ” Washoe Club” some of you may know about it cause they have done so many ghost sightings in this place, that it’s been on TV. I will post images of the town and the areas. Well tomorrow is a new day for wonderful and positive things to happen. I always look forward for brand new day’s. You just don’t know all the great things that can happen…


Quote of the Day: ” Give without keeping an account or expecting something in return”


Virginia City:     “The Mansion”…                       ……The End



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