Thank you…Welcome to My World

Hello,everyone. I want to take this time for my 1st post to thank all the bloggers that have taken the time to post a ” Like” on my images or have left a comment. I finally got the courage to do this. The funny thing is that I had an older Blog site that I wrote and wrote and wrote but no one ever commented on any of my post, nor visited  yet I kept writing and writing. You might wonder, why you do this? Well, to tell you the truth it was some what therapeutic! I would write these long post about how I was feeling, how I viewed life, when I was upset at stupid things I would do, people that did me wrong, great days, bad days, and etc. I was happy, just writing my life away(jajajaja). Then I decided that I had to get serious about the way I sold my photography, my cards and mix media art. On 2011, my dream became true when I opened my own store called ” La Vie Boheme”, it’s my creative Haven. I decided to re-sell the clothing I used on photo shoots with models, my art photography, journals, cards, accessories, hand made papers,  vintage fashion, and fun unique things. I knew that I was not made for ” Corporate America” being such a creative individual. Slowly you will get to know me on every Blog I post. It may be just images, a short note or a long essay, but you will come to know that what I write comes from the heart and I’m as human as anyone of you out their with flaws, great days, bad days, rainy days, happy days and so on. My images will reflect how my days are going and the things that bring me joy’s in this life, like my baby Ehroz! ( my dog by the way!) What better companion than this beautiful soul that just loves me unconditionally! You will see some great images of him,cause he loves the camera and he’s  so photogenic!. Right now, I’m going through some, let’s say ” making decision” mood. I have so much I want to do,explore and create. Its very frustrating as an artist when you get that way. I see everything through an artist eye’s! Everything has an opportunity in my creative mind to be re-done(lol). So having the store is wonderful but limits me to be a creative soul cause you have to manage every aspect of the business. Would I give all back, heck no! The experience is AMAZING and the freedom to do whatever I want, has no price tag. Yet it can be very hard and frustrating but I’m learning as I go. I’m hoping along this new Journey I’m embarking in the Blog world that I could meet some wonderful and beautiful creative souls through my blogging. I believe that creative people, artist, photographers, etc need to mingle with positive minded souls. It’s good to have support and be understood in the art world. As for me, I’m an open book to help anyone with whatever is on my reach. My blog is not only to sell my work but to connect and help others with indecisive thoughts or to just listen as a friend. Is 11:33pm on my side of the world. I’m about to hit that bed to relax, read my book “Change your thoughts-Change your Life” Living the wisdom of the Tao. By: Dr Wayne W.Dyer ( I recommend it very highly) if you are a spiritual  person as I’m you will definitely enjoy it. So, once again thank you all for taking the time to stop by and I hope to make some wonderful blogger friends along the way. I leave you with these images to enjoy… Laz


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