In The Splendor Of Fall, She Stands Still…

San Francisco cemetery.


7 thoughts on “In The Splendor Of Fall, She Stands Still…

  1. Where did you take this, Lazaro? I ask because we used to live in South San Fran, right near Colma, the graveyard capital of the world! And this looks like something one might see in one of the many cemeteries there. I have fond memories of long afternoon strolls through many of them, and lots of pictures too! 🙂

    1. Hello, Angela. Thanks for the comment, well this was taken in Oakland cemetery! but, it’s funny you said “Colma” graveyard, because I did a search on cemetery in San Francisco and Colma, came up. I almost had a heart attack!!!!! The statues and angels, were amazing! That’s my next trip… I can’t wait! So can you tell me about it? I love the cemetery!

      1. It would take you days to explore Colma properly, Lazaro, so maybe plan it for a weekend when you have a lot of time. Of course, there are recent “additions” to all of the cemeteries; however, a majority of the art is 19th and early 20th century and is simply beautiful. Lots of angels, wonderful old mausoleums, and very ornate headstones. There are many cemeteries and some have more art than others. Perhaps some had wealthier clientele than others? I’m sure. We used to call it Corpsma 🙂

        If you happen to get over there, be sure and eat at La Morena in South San Francisco, the next neighborhood down south from Colma. Best Mexican food on the peninsula — we recommend the nachos with al pastor meat.

  2. Wow, how awesome is that!!! I sort of figured that when I saw some images and how much they had! I love the angels and statues!!! Their is something about theme, I guess is the artisitic talent they spent doing these statues! Thne when they are like weathered down and old, they even look more appealing! Love Mexican food, Ill be sure to put that on my calendar! Any other cemetarys you recommend?.. Thanks so much Angela!!!

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