Where has time gone…


Featured image Wow, amazing that we are just 2 month to Christmas. I was wondering were did the time go and were was I!- Well, I have been busy trying to get my own life and business together. I haven’t posted here in the longest and even though I try to it seems that life takes me away from it. Then I feel that need to just let myself be seen in this world of blogging. Hoping to post a lot of my new work and start selling. This image was taken right outside my deck. Love the Hummingbirds and it seems they are mostly gone cause Fall is upon us. I read that the only hummingbirds that stay in the Winter are the one’s that are weak to fly way to far. –  Aside from this, I feel that I’m so lucky to be doing what I’m doing. I’m blessed by God, the Universe and all my spiritual guides to be doing my art and even though I may not have all this money yet I’m happy. My life is very simple and I wake up every morning to an amazing view and my dog Ehroz!…

Hope all is good to each one of you and your families…Peace- Laz

New Work-






A New Path= A New LIFE Ahead…


It’s amazing the determination we have when  we want to make changes to our lives. For awhile now, I’ve been zoned out of the things I honestly have to say bring me JOY, PEACE and TRANQUILITY. It has taken me many years plus the 2 in St Louis to realize that deep inside I just wasn’t happy. It wasn’t money I needed, or it wasn’t materialistic things either. I was missing this inner connection that along the way I lost. I felt empty and not fulfilled even thought I had a pretty good life and honestly I can’t complaint but it was that void, that void that calls you out at anytime of the day. I love the work I do but it has been something I’ve been doing for so many years that I believe along the way, it was just time to let it rest. Yet, I didn’t, I kept accepting these jobs and relocations in HOPES that I would find that missing link, but it was no where to be found. Corporate America and it’s lifestyle are NOT for me any longer…I don’t care for it and I don’t care climbing any type of ladder either! I felt that it was for me a ‘TRAP” and ” FAKE”. When you think you can trust that person, you just don’t realize that you have a HUGE knife in your back. It takes you away from what LIFE is and from family, friends and the things you love.  Along the way I DISCOVERED that I had so many other talents and I started to explore. Long story short, I had tapped into what this amazing UNIVERSE had stored for me. My Art, Photography, Creating with my hands, Visualizing my work, connecting with other Artist, Crafting, designing my hand made cards, Nature, Simplicity, Peace, Tranquility, and Solitude where the missing links to it all. Even though I love doing displays,  store front windows and merchandising I new that it was time to put it aside and start my new path. I left my business in Virginia City to explore working with Neiman Marcus and this was a sweet and bitter trip. I stayed 2 years to see if it would work and even thought I feel at times that it was a mistake another side of me says, no it wasn’t a mistake. It was what I was suppose to experience to realize, what I knew and know now. The moral of it all: Follow your DREAMS ….

Art Images on March.-001

You can’t let anyone tell you what’s best for you or not. You follow the PATH you feel is right. You learn and make the best of every day and you don’t APOLOGIZE for who you are. It doesn’t matter what anyone THINKS! And you don’t let other people get in your way. You do the best and keep at it. At work, looking back I can’t BELIEVE I let co-workers ruin my days and my visions. I wanted to be a fair Boss and work as a team, but it just didn’t matter how good you were to them or how you tried your best. At the end, they just didn’t care and still were never satisfied. So, now I live where I’ve always wanted to be Santa Fe, NM! I made it happen and I did what was best for me, I left it all behind to be in the mountains, with Nature, wild life, hiking, and yes getting back to my Art, Photography and Creating my life all over again. I’m in the process of doing an online shop to sell my passion, my creations and give back to others with my gifts. I’ve been working hard creating new work and it’s all their waiting to be displayed. Yes, it has taken me all these years to re-connect back to my path and even thought things can change along the way, it just feels right. I found home, it found me once again and now I have a BLANK canvas to paint my new path. It’s all about colors, life, people, living, loving, and accepting that the Universe and God do play a huge part of it all. I feel very happy and I hope to soon start selling and making a life of my own… I’m glad to be back and I hope that I will post more often… Thanks, to all that keep following me through these crazy ups and downs… Namaste…Laz



Been Thinking…

Lately I have been thinking a lot about many things in my LIFE.

The one that has stayed with me has been my 1 year review at work.

Every time I think about it, I can’t help but  think that our futures and visions

are manipulated by our boss or people around us.

Why would you let a person dictate what you are good at or not?

Or why would you let someone De-rail you from your path?

I realized that I have let so many people at some point in my life

do that to me. Starting from my mom, family and even co-workers.

I only blame myself for it, not them. You need to speak your words

and follow your path no matter what obstacles you may find. As I sat

 in my store managers office and heard him give me my review feeling like a

death sentence and what I should do, I was fuming!

All I did, was listen and deep inside what I really wanted to say was:

” Who are you to tell me what I should follow or not, or weather I’m ready

for my next step or not”.

 I only know if making that move would be a wise choice or not. And If I feel that

I’m not ready, then I need to be honest with myself and know that I can’t

I’m in a transition of thoughts about what’s about to happen in 3 month

 after I turn 2 years in my job. No more letting anyone tell me that’s not

the right choice, or you can’t make a living as an Artist!

I have a passion for my Visual Merchandising, but along the way

something happened, I tapped into so many different things that

I love to do, I’m good at plus I’ve self taught myself. These new

discoveries are my new passions! These are the one’s I will be following once

my 2 years are over. I want to teach Art Therapy, I want to open my shop again,

I want to keep selling my photography, I want to keep doing my hand made cards,

I want to give back to others with my knowledge and I won’t let anyone this time

tell me what is right or wrong…

PS: Never give up on your DREAMS. No matter how huge, or how crazy they

may sound, it doesn’t matter just keep at it.

We all have a path that’s unique so follow it. It may come with winding roads

and rough terrain, but keep moving. You will find that smooth road

once you get their. And please, don’t let anyone tell you any different

cause only you know, what your SOUL needs… Laz



Happy Thanksgiving…

Hello, to all. Wanted to wish you a wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving and may you enjoy it with your loved ones, family, partner, friends or by yourself, embrace every moment of it and give THANKS to all the wonderful and simple things we get to enjoy. Many don’t have these small luxuries… Laz


                                             Happy Thanksgiving..